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What We Do

Canadian Reptile Encounters is Western Canada's premier reptile experience! Meet cold blooded animals up close such as friendly bearded dragons, corn snakes, colorful geckos, spectacular pythons, and even tarantulas and scorpions! Come face-to-face with one of our massive boa constrictors!

Canadian Reptile Encounters offers stage shows and displays for trade shows, malls, festivals, and events throughout Alberta, interior British Columbia and Saskatchewan. We also offer traveling educational programs for schools. Visit our programs page for details!

Who we are

Jason Clevett - Company Owner
A long time reptile enthusiast, Jason launched Reptile Parties in Calgary in 2008. The birthday party program has expanded to include Edmonton, and now reptile parties does school presentations, runs summer camps in Calgary, and tours Western Canada with Reptile Encounters! Jason has often appeared on Calgary TV and Radio including CityTV's Breakfast Television, Global Saturday Morning, Forbes and Friends on CJAY92 and The Homestretch and Alberta @ Noon on CBC radio. Jason is the former president and vice president of The Alberta Reptile & Amphibian Society. Jason is also a former animal care volunteer at the Calgary Zoo as a assistant gorilla keeper, working with the gorilla troop as well as colobus monkeys, dwarf crocodiles and has worked with Pebbles, the zoo's former resident massive African Rock Python. He has completed the zoo's Naturalist 101 and Docent training courses. He continues to work hard towards his goal of expanding reptile education through reptile parties throughout Alberta and beyond.

Chris Shaw – Office Manager/Display Presenter
Chris has loved reptiles for as long as he can remember. He has always worked with them in some form including managing the reptile department of a Calgary based pet store and volunteering at the Calgary Zoo with Eurasian Hoof Stock and the former South America building. His own collection includes a red tegu, a carpet python, two box turtles, a woma python, bearded dragons, geckos, skinks, and multiple arachnids. In addition to working in the office Chris often attends public events sharing his passion for reptiles.

Leah Stables – Reptile Presenter
Leah joined the Canadian Reptile Encounters team in 2012. Her love of reptiles began when she was 16 and got her first snake, Sheesha the Mexican Black Kingsnake. Leah has been involved with the Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society since 2010, and is the former Vice President of the organization. Snakes have always been a favourite, and reptiles native to Alberta are of special interest to her. She loves learning about reptiles, and has many books on reptile physiology, care, and herpetoculture. She also attended the World Congress of Herpetology 2012 in Vancouver and loves passing on her knowledge to adults and kids alike.

Garret Fuhr – Reptile Presenter
Garret joined the Reptile Encounters team in 2010. He is a long time reptile enthusiast whose collection includes carpet pythons, garter snakes, uromastyx, tarantulas and Ampersand the tortoise to name a few. Garret did school and birthday party shows as well as tours in Lethbridge before relocating to Medicine Hat, AB where he is currently apprenticing to be an electrician in addition to touring with Reptile Encounters

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