Q: What is the appropriate age for Canadian Reptile Encounters?
A: We do events for all ages! Canadian Reptile Encounters appeals to a wide range of age groups including adults. So, regardless of the age mix everyone will have fun. We design our stage show, displays and programs to match the age group that we are presenting to.

Q: What is the difference between stage show and the display?
A: Our stage shows are 30 – 45 minutes and are presented in a more educational theatre style. They are designed for set show times and for people to sit and watch. Our displays are designed to have people come and go as they please to observe and read what they choose. Shows and displays can be combined for the ultimate reptile experience! See our programs page for more details.

Q: Can people handle the animals?
A: Absolutely! With our stage shows we can bring certain animals out after for people to pet and interact with. Our displays will rotate different animals over the course of the event for people to pet so the animals get a little time off in between. Photos holding the reptiles are available for a fee.

Q: Can we do the show outside?:
Weather depending in the spring and summer it is possible to do a party or display even outside, at the presenters discretion. However it needs to be in a covered or shaded area out of direct sunlight for the safety of our animals.

Q: Will you travel to do shows shows for schools?
A:We sure do! From Sunday School to Preschool, right up to High School, we have done many presentations for all grade levels. See our school section of our programs page for more details.

Q: We had you for at our event last year. Is the show the same?
Both our stage shows and displays have some favourites that people like to see year after year. Depending on the animals, we always do our best to shake it up a bit and bring some different animals to repeat clients.

Q: How much room do we need?
A: This depends on what you are looking for to add to your event. We can work within your requirements to bring a large or small display.

Q: Is it messy?
Reptiles are usually quite clean. Snakes especially only go to the bathroom once a week! In the event of an unfortunate “accident” or something landing on the floor (its more likely to land on one of our hosts!) some paper towel and water will take care of it.

Q: Is that poisonous?
A: Animals are not poisonous! Some animals have venom, including some snakes and lizards, but none of these are included in our presentations or displays and are not legal in western provinces without specific permits. The invertebrates like scorpions, centipedes or tarantulas have mild venom. These animals are used primarily as a display only demonstration and hands on experiences with them are at the discretion of Canadian Reptile Encounters staff for that reason.

Q:Can you bring a giant python or crocodile? That would be cool.
A: Reptile Encounters follow legislation from Fish and Wildlife in the province we are appearing in. Animals like crocodilians, giant pythons, and venomous snakes are not legal without specific permits and unavailable for events at this time.

Q: Do any of the animals bite?
A: Any animal with teeth can bite, whether it is a kitten or a lizard. It is highly unlikely however that any of our animals would bite anyone, and we do take extra precautions with hands-on opportunities such as only petting on the back and tail and not near the head to avoid antagonizing the animals. That said, there is always a slim possibility it could happen. Snakes have small needle sharp teeth, so a bite is the equivalent of a pin prick. If for some reason it did, it would be minor. Kids are more likely to be hurt more by a fuzzy pet or even just running around and scraping an arm or leg. A rinse out and a band-aid are more than sufficient. Please note that in the case of any incident, Canadian Reptile Encounters is covered

Q: We’d like you to bring the big iguana, but you said he was unavailable. Why?
A: Our number one priority is the health and care of our reptiles. There can be any number of reasons why an animal may not be available – snakes may have had a meal prior to departing, may be in shed (and thus grumpy), preparing to have babies, or already attended recent events (we don’t want to stress the animals out!) We have access to over one hundred animals so we can promise you a great time and a great variety of animals.